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Ignition Coil

Hitachi, Ltd. (Kabushiki Kaisha Hitachi Seisakusho) was established in 1920. The Hitachi Auto Parts & Service Co., Ltd. head office (Kawasaki), Tokyo sales office and the Shinonome office have acquired ISO14001 certification for environmental management, and the Atsugi office has acquired ISO 9001 certification for quality management. The Hitachi Ignition Coil is a high-quality replacement part that you can have. Hitachi is one of the innovators in automotive parts and systems. The ignition coil it manufactures is a testament to that fact. Hitachi Ignition Coil is a plug type, so it reduces the need for spark plug wires. Each coil is manufactured using premium-quality materials that are sure to last long in use.

Ignition Coil
Brand: BOSCH

The origins of Bosch as a supplier of automotive equipment go back to 1887. This was the year in which, on behalf of a customer, the 25-year-old electrician and precision mechanic Robert Bosch built a product that was later to play an important role in the automobile – a magneto ignition device for a stationary engine. In 1897, Bosch installed one of these devices in a motorized three-wheeler to see whether it was suitable for everyday use in motor vehicles. This unwieldy apparatus became a key product of the company. It turned Bosch into an automotive supplier both inside and outside Germany. Ignition systems have undergone further development since then, and are now integrated into complex engine management systems. But one thing has remained the same. Even today, an electric spark ignites the air-fuel mixture and keeps gasoline engines running.