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Telecom  Amateur Radio  HF Transceivers (4 products)

Category: Telecom  Amateur Radio  HF Transceivers
Brand: Kenwood

Features Highlights:
Dual receive on same band
Compatible with ARRL TravelPlus
FIVE-IN-ONE programmable memory
Multiple scan, Invertible front panel
104-Code digital code SQUELCH
Voice guidance & storage option (VGS-1)
EchoLink® Sysop mode for node terminal operation
EchoLink® memory (Automatic dialler)
Frequency Range (MHz) UHF 430~450
VHF 144~148
Power Output (W) 50 10
Channel (Ch) 1000
Dimension 140x43x38.2mm
Weight 1,5kg
Category: Telecom  Amateur Radio  HF Transceivers
Brand: Kenwood
HF/6M Transceiver

Features Highlights:
100W output DC 13.8V operation
Built-In automatic antenna tuner
TX/RX AF digital signal processing
Continuout 500 KHz (VFO: 30KHz) to 60MHz receive
TX covers all amateur bands 1.8 MHz to 50MHz
PSK31 copatibility; PC-based control
Packet cluster tune (with TM-D700A)
Optional IF filters
Frequency Range (MHz) VHF 0~30
VHF 50~54
Power Output (W) 100
Dimension 180x75x37mm
Weight 3,7kg
Category: Telecom  Amateur Radio  HF Transceivers
Brand: Kenwood
All-Mode Multibander
Truly a marvel of electronic engineering, Kenwood stylishly new all-mode multibander is packed with top-end features yet compact enough for use at home, in your car, or on a DX pedition. And a handsome 3D front panel - featuring backlit keys and large amber display - makes the appearance of this multibander as distinctive as its performance.

Features Highlights:
High-speed Processing
CW Auto Tune at the touch of a button
Satellite Communications with Doppler effect frequency correction
Frequency Range (MHz) UHF 430~450
VHF 0~30
VHF 50~54
VHF 144~148
Power Output (W) 25 12 2
Channel (Ch) 300
Dimension 270x96x317 mm
Weight 7.8kg
Category: Telecom  Amateur Radio  HF Transceivers
Brand: Vertex/Yaesu
The world’s first self-contained, battery-powered, Multi-mode Portable Transceiver covering the HF, VHF, and UHF bands! Yaesu broke new ground with the introduction of the FT-817. Providing up to five watts of power output, the FT-817 is designed for operation on the 160-10 meter HF bands, plus the 6 meter, 2 meter, and 70 cm bands. Whether your preferred operating mode is SSB, CW, AM, FM, Packet, or SSB-based Digital modes like PSK31, the FT-817 is ready to join you on your next hiking, camping, or search-and-rescue adventure!