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Brake Parts
Brand: JKC

In 1999, “JKC” merged into Bosch Braking Systems Co, integrating their passenger car brake activities in Japan and going under the leadership of Bosch.With combined expertise of both companies, JKC products boast of premium quality OEM brake hydraulics, supplying to various markets worldwide.   Its product line includes automobile parts; namely, master cylinder, booster and brake servo units, load sensing proportioning valves, check valves, wheel cylinders for automobile brake systems; master cylinders, and operating cylinders for automobile clutches; power steerings, steering gears and vane pumps for automobile steering systems; and structural parts for automobiles.

Brake Parts
Brand: FIC

“FIC” brand is direct fit OEM matched replacement parts for brake parts needs. As one of the premium brands of hydraulic brake parts in Japan, FIC’s experimentation and research have always represented the principal means to anticipate and satisfy the customer requirements, which the testing severity as well as the close examination of the materials guarantee a complete range & production of high quality of products. FIC’s extensive product line include Brake & Clutch Master Cylinders, Brake and Clutch Slave Cylinders to  hydraulic cylinder repair kits for most Japanese Vehicle applications.. Each kit contains the highest quality rubber components, specially formulated to OE matched specifications.Products: Brake Master Cylinder Assembly, Brake Master Cylinder Repair Kit, Clutch Master Cylinder Assembly, Clutch Master Repair Kit and Wheel Cylinder Assembly.

Brake Parts
Brand: BOSCH

A brake system is only as strong as it's weakest point. That's why there must be no compromises in the overall brake system. Drivers rely on their brake system to function 100%. But what happens behind the brake pedal is perceptible to them only as an effect. In countless hazard situations, like the sudden tailback on the freeway or the child that runs out onto the road, good reactions and a properly functioning brake system are what counts. Optimum braking safety - guaranteed by the top quality of the brake system and components from Bosch, Europe's No. 1 brake system manufacturer. That's why leading automobile manufacturers also back the high quality standards of Bosch brake systems when it comes to OEM systems.