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Spring Coil
Category: Auto Parts  Chassis Parts   Spring Coil
Brand: OBK

From inception in 1931 to the present day, Osaka Bane Inc. have dedicated ourselves to the development of springs. Integrated in a truly diverse range of equipment and machinery (including large industrial machinery, bulk shipment transport vehicles, automobiles, construction machinery, and high-pressure valves for fluid control systems), the springs have come to require robust forces of their own in response to their respective load characteristics.

Brake Pads
Brand: TBK

Uncompromising reliability is a necessary requirement for brakes for trucks, buses, trailers, and industrial equipment. All Japanese heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers use TBK drum brakes. They have attained the largest market share in drum brakes by successfully manufacturing and standardizing products of higher quality and reliability.
Besides main drum brakes for heavy-duty vehicles (payloads of 10 tons or more), they manufacture drum brakes for medium-duty vehicles (payloads of four tons or more) and light-duty vehicles (payloads of one to two tons).

Brake Pads
Brand: NiBK

The main strategy in the development of NiBK friction materials is based on the fact that there is no single formula which can cover all applications with the best performance and reliability. So each type of NiBK friction material is developed to be the best in the specific range of applications.

Suspension Parts

Established in 1947 Terada Co., Ltd. has focused on chemicals and electronic devices to bring exclusive products and materials to clients in various industrial fields. At the same time, in the field of chemical compounds, they have been providing tooling, prototype materials and molding technologies for small- to mid-scale enterprises in automotive design, to contribute to the automobile and molding industries.

Shock Absorbers
Brand: Valeo

It all began in 1923 in Saint-Ouen, France, with the production of brake linings and clutch facings. Nearly a century later, Valeo is one of the world's leading suppliers of components, integrated systems and modules for the automotive industry, mainly for CO2 emissions reduction.

CV Joints
Category: Auto Parts  Chassis Parts   CV Joints
Brand: HDK

HDK is the pioneer brand of CV Joints since the drive shaft technology was introduced. HDK has maintained its position as the market leader for CV Joints and its products are manufactured under stringent ISO 9002 quality standards in their production facility in Japan. HDK continuously undergoes product innovation with new products being constantly developed and tested vigorously to meet the increased demands of today’s advanced vehicles. 

Brake Shoe
Brand: jFBK

Since establishment in 1961,JFBK has consistently manufactured and sold brake components.Reliability and safety has been established over the years with absolute quality in all products of JFBK. 

Brake Shoe

Leveraging definitive noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) technology, Akebono develops, tests and manufactures a range of advanced automotive brake friction materials and components that meets the needs of OEMs and drivers. Akebono's OEM customers include: General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi Motors, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru and Isuzu.

Automotive Lights
Category: Auto Parts  Automotive Lights

Ever since its foundation in 1920, Stanley Electric Co., Ltd. has contributed to society by creating light. In the field of automotive equipment, the driving force of the company's development, Stanley has always led the industry, developed and supplied highly reliable products and contributed to a safe and rich “automotive lifestyle.” From an early stage the company began to research and develop HID lamps, attracting attention as a next-generation light source for headlamps, which resulted in the initial application of Stanley’s headlamps for Japanese cars. Taking advantage of its unique optical design and simulation technologies, Stanley developed “MR (Multi-Reflector) headlamps” whose reflectors have a built-in “light distribution function” and “free ellipsoidal reflector headlamps," expanding the horizon of automobile design, serving as the pioneer of current trends. Furthermore, Stanley has started paying attention to the potential of ultra high brightness light emitting diodes (LED’s) as a light source for automobiles from their early stage and commercialized “LED high-mount stop lamps,” which are highly effective for the prevention of rear-end collisions with other cars in addition to “LED rear combination lamps.”

Automotive Lights
Category: Auto Parts  Automotive Lights
Brand: BOSCH

In 1886, Robert Bosch founded the “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in Stuttgart. This was the birth of today's globally active Robert Bosch GmbH. From the very beginning, the company's history has been characterized by innovative drive and social commitment. Increasing traffic density and rising speeds under constantly changing driving conditions make ever greater demands on headlamp and lighting systems in the automobile. That's why leading automobile manufacturers also back the high quality standards of Bosch lighting systems when it comes to OEM systems.

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